“Feminism is not about making women stronger. Women are already stronger. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G. D. Anderson

I started with this quote because I consider it really important for every feminist in this world. Women are the strongest beings that ever existed on this planet: we bear children, we give life, love and affection, we endured so many sufferings during the time and we never gave up, we’re the future of humanity that was always neglected, misunderstood and totally ignored. We are the ones that, at the end of the day, no matter how hard it was, we still can smile.

We are currently living dark times. It’s so sad that in the 21st century we still have to fight for women’s rights. The matriarchy is trying to convince us that women are having their rights and it’s no need to fight for something that we already own. But that’s the biggest lie that I’ve ever heard.

When sexual harassment, unequal payment, abuses, discrimination, misogyny and hate will stop, then we can say that we’ve got our rights! But until that wonderful moment all we have to do is: stand up and fight! We’re not going to win anything if we’re gonna stay silent about an abuse or discrimination that happened to us, or to someone that we know.

Now, more than ever, we have to tell stories. True stories, real experiences that will help others understand, empathize and involve. We need the victims to be courageous, open up and talk about what happened. It doesn’t matter when it happened, if it happened yesterday or 10 years ago, people must see that it happened.

Many times I’ve heard women saying that they truly believe they’re having equal rights and enough women in leadership position. A study made by the “TIME’S UP NOW” movement is showing the sad truth: “1/3 of women think women are well represented in leadership roles. The reality is, only 1 in 10 senior leaders are women.”

This has to stop! Abuses, harassment, inequality, discriminations and every bad thing that’s happening to women everyday. We have to protect ourselves and be kinder with each other. We have to advocate for our rights and never let anyone to break them and, if it happens, we should’t go in our rooms lock ourselves in there and in ourselves too and cry, we have to wipe away our tears, stand up and say: Me too!

In her beautiful speech at the Golden Globes, Oprah said few amazing words that are representing the essence of our times, “For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men, but their time is up!”

#TIMESUP on silence.

#TIMESUP on waiting.

#TIMESUP on discrimination.

#TIMESUP on harassment

#TIMESUP on abuse



You can read more about Time’s Up movement by accessing their website timesupnow.com where you can also take part of this wonderful movement that advocates for women’s rights by supporting their cause with a donation or a purchase from their store.

How It All Started and Why I’m Doing This?

Why I’m doing this? Why I’m writing? Why I’ve started this blog?

I have a message to share and dreams bigger than me.

Writing was always my passion. As a storyteller I consider it one of the rawest and purest forms of art. I’ve always been attached to writing, I always loved to tell stories. Through the years I’ve learned by myself how transform this passion into art. It’s a secret that I will share with you: just love what you’re doing.

I started this blog because I have so many things to share and few time to make a book out of every thought that’s going through my mind. I will talk about anything that matters for me and for the entire world. You won’t read just about my passions or the latest books or movies, you will also read about the most important movements and news. I have days when I’m thinking about the political environment and others when I’m just enjoying the beautiful tiny things around me. Everything will be posted here like in a personal notebook.

I want to use my voice to advocate for important causes and never give up on fighting for what’s right. Because this is who I am: feminist, activist, writer, life explorer, storyteller. 

Since I was younger I was in love with telling stories to everyone who was listening. At the age of 6 I “wrote” my first story by telling it to my grandmother who wrote it for me on a piece of paper. I’ll never forget that day, the day when I’ve decided what I wanna do with my life: to write stories that are worth reading.

Now, 14 years later, after so many amazing life experiences, I’m about to fulfill my dream.

December 1st, 2017, was a very important day for me, because on this day I finished my first manuscript which I hope that it will be soon turned into a book. Another step was made out of the longest way of fulfilling my dream, but I will tell you more about this in another post.

Coming back to the main question I will tell you that starting a blog it wasn’t something planned, it was something that just happened. I was working on my site and suddenly I felt how many ideas were invading my mind, so many things that I wanted to share with the world. And this is how this section appeared, like most things in my life: out of my imagination.

In the end I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes, thats talking about speaking up your mind all the time.

“Speak up, stand up, and keep correcting the false perceptions. Stay true to your heart’s views and keep chanting for peace and justice.”     – Suzy Kassem

I’m glad that I can tell stories, that I can use my voice and that I can try to change the world. Thanks for your trust!

Wish you all a pleasant journey through my thoughts!