I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art

“I will not make any more boring art!”

This is a statement that changed my life. Back in 2014, when I was writing it on the first page of my journal and till now, these few words had a great impact on me.

I always was in love with art. With any form of it, till the local galleries to the biggest museums of the world, an indie movie or a blockbuster, music, writing, dance, architecture and every little performance always fascinated me in a wonderful and mysterious way.

Every time when I was in contact with art, beside admiring, living and contemplating it I had one extra wish: to create it too.

In my case, writing is my art. I always tried to write something worth readable, but I always ended up by throwing the paper in the trash. Until that day happened, the day when I discovered a simple statement, not in a gallery, but on the internet. It was so simple, but it was everything that I needed to start creating, to trust what I’m doing and go on no matter if I’m appreciated or not, to continue just for myself. That sentence was pictured over and over again in an image: “I will not make anymore boring art” In the next second I realized that this is what I wanted my entire life, to stop being boring like anybody else.

In my opinion, I consider boring art, like mass art or anything that’s not unique. I don’t wanted to be like others, especially in my art field so I decided to take that statement as a motto in my career and accept that even if my writing style can be a little bit weird or different, it’s not gonna copy anyone. I decided to be me and stop trying to write in a way to please others, except myself.

Since then I’m always having the principle “if someone happen to like it, that’s awesome, if not, I’m not gonna stop just because of that”

And this is how my life changed. This is how I ended up writing this post right now, finishing a book and waiting to be published. All those things happened just because I refused to give up and I continued to believe in my work. I’m not saying it was easy, but the results are the best reward.

I wrote this post today, because I wanted to share this with you. Maybe someone will read it and relate. Maybe you, the person, who’s afraid of doing art right now is gonna change her or his mind. Maybe the teenager that’s having dreams that seem so impossible to fulfill will see this and realize, like I did, that loneliness is not a thing anymore as long as you’ll keep going on creating things that inspire others. And, finally, for you, the ‘everybody’ that wasn’t accepted by the crowd, for every person that said “I don’t wanna be boning, I don’t wanna create boring stuff”, this is for you, just keep holding on to your dreams until they will fulfill.


“Feminism is not about making women stronger. Women are already stronger. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G. D. Anderson

I started with this quote because I consider it really important for every feminist in this world. Women are the strongest beings that ever existed on this planet: we bear children, we give life, love and affection, we endured so many sufferings during the time and we never gave up, we’re the future of humanity that was always neglected, misunderstood and totally ignored. We are the ones that, at the end of the day, no matter how hard it was, we still can smile.

We are currently living dark times. It’s so sad that in the 21st century we still have to fight for women’s rights. The matriarchy is trying to convince us that women are having their rights and it’s no need to fight for something that we already own. But that’s the biggest lie that I’ve ever heard.

When sexual harassment, unequal payment, abuses, discrimination, misogyny and hate will stop, then we can say that we’ve got our rights! But until that wonderful moment all we have to do is: stand up and fight! We’re not going to win anything if we’re gonna stay silent about an abuse or discrimination that happened to us, or to someone that we know.

Now, more than ever, we have to tell stories. True stories, real experiences that will help others understand, empathize and involve. We need the victims to be courageous, open up and talk about what happened. It doesn’t matter when it happened, if it happened yesterday or 10 years ago, people must see that it happened.

Many times I’ve heard women saying that they truly believe they’re having equal rights and enough women in leadership position. A study made by the “TIME’S UP NOW” movement is showing the sad truth: “1/3 of women think women are well represented in leadership roles. The reality is, only 1 in 10 senior leaders are women.”

This has to stop! Abuses, harassment, inequality, discriminations and every bad thing that’s happening to women everyday. We have to protect ourselves and be kinder with each other. We have to advocate for our rights and never let anyone to break them and, if it happens, we should’t go in our rooms lock ourselves in there and in ourselves too and cry, we have to wipe away our tears, stand up and say: Me too!

In her beautiful speech at the Golden Globes, Oprah said few amazing words that are representing the essence of our times, “For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men, but their time is up!”

#TIMESUP on silence.

#TIMESUP on waiting.

#TIMESUP on discrimination.

#TIMESUP on harassment

#TIMESUP on abuse



You can read more about Time’s Up movement by accessing their website timesupnow.com¬†where you can also take part of this wonderful movement that advocates for women’s rights by supporting their cause with a donation or a purchase from their store.